CopyQueue is a utility for managing file transfers. Copy multiple files faster than OS X, pause and resume file transfers, schedule tasks and more.

Faster than your ordinary copy

Mac OS copies multiple files at the same time, which causes excessive disk seeking and takes more operating system resources to manage. CopyQueue copies files sequentially, which is more efficient for the operating system and disk to handle. The net result is that if you are copying a lot of files, it will be quicker and easier using CopyQueue.

First things first

With all your file transfers in a queue, you can now control the priority of each task. Sort by time remaining, file size or filename, or even drag and drop to rearrange the tasks.

Whenever you're ready

Pause a queue and resume it whenever you like. Save the queue and load it up weeks or months later to pick up where you left off, down to the byte.

Copying under control

Apply a speed limit to avoid using all the network bandwidth. Schedule copies to run unattended late at night, or only operate during off peak times. When you're copying with CopyQueue, you have complete control of your file transfers.

Not just copying

CopyQueue also supports downloading files from the web, and uploading and downloading files via FTP. All the resuming, scheduling and speed limit controls apply to these file transfers too.


CopyQueue is available from the Mac App Store or you can download an evaluation version.


Softpedia: "4.5/5 Stars. Highly intuitive...a great alternative to copying files on your Mac" Read more.


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